head ball 2 tips and tricks

head ball 2 tips and tricks

Learn more about one of the most important aspects of the game with our Head Ball 2 tips and tricks on the different characters in the Mobile Game. Because Head Ball 2 can make you mad, if you shoot innumerable own goals. To prevent this, it helps to deal with the individual characters and their special abilities.

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General Head Ball 2 tips and tricks on the differences of the characters

In the free mobile game Head Ball 2, there are several characters that you unlock by completing individual tasks. Each of these characters is assigned to a nation and has a special ability. Some special abilities differ more, others less.

For example, while your starting character from South Korea has a straight shot aimed directly into the goal, which, for example, is the case with the Russians, even if it slows down the enemy by the freeze attack, the British and Spaniards shoot at you with a three shot Gate. So there are different types of super shots, which require a corresponding style of play. In our Head Ball 2 Tips and Tricks we’ll tell you how to use the skills most effectively.

Head Ball 2 Tips and tricks on five different special skills

Direct Shot – In the case of a direct shot from South Korea or Russia, it is important to be careful not to execute the super-shot from a standing stance, as this mainly pays off in conceding. The ball bounces off the opponent and goes from there into your goal. So it is important to activate this special ability in the air. With a good distance to the opponent’s goal you still have the opportunity to counter the defensive action of the opponents again.

Ground shots – In the beginning, the ground shots in Head Ball 2, which among other things emanate from the Italians, seem quite weak, especially since they are easy to counter, but in fact they offer an advantage because you can counter them well. In other words, if you have this special ability, then you should try to play a defensive style of play. The fewer goals you score, the less double shots your opponent gets.

Multiple direct shots – Not exactly on a horizontal line runs, for example, the shot of the Germans. On the contrary, you hurl three ghost shots at the opponent’s goal, which is incredibly difficult to counter. If you play Germany, then often try to use the super shot and score many goals, as you are virtually meeting from all positions. Still, you need a lot of skill in countering enemy super shots.

Airstrikes – Air shots are very hard to fend off. The Spanish shot is probably one of the strongest in Head Ball 2. It is important that you pay attention to the position from which you apply the shot. If you use it too far forward, then your shot goes over the opponent’s goal and you are too late down to defeat the goal. Particularly difficult is the air attack of the Portuguese. Here it is a lot of ball control to the day.

Random Super Shot – The alien that you can unlock in the tournament final will probably provide you with the most interesting of all shots. Because it includes all the skills in Head Ball 2 and solves one at random. In this case, it is highly recommended that you play relatively defensive and stay far behind. Such a super shot ends well known as the own goal.


As you can see, there are some differences in the abilities that affect your whole playing style. Follow our Head ball 2 tips and tricks and try to get the right moment to apply your special abilities.

If you feel like trying out these head ball 2 tips and tricks for the super shots yourself, you can download the mobile game free for iOS and Android .

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