Head Ball 2 Review for Android and ios

Head Ball 2 Review for Android and ios

Head Ball 2 splits the players: What on the one hand is an enormously funny game, is clouded by Pay-2-Win, Bots and Abandoned Games. But wait, Is that really true? Only if one reads through the head ball 2 reviews, one encounters such statements.

Otherwise, the game comes to 4.2 stars, but since the developers probably helped, because in the app, people are asked to first evaluate the game internally. Which is prohibited by Apple guidelines actually. Only those who have a good rating there will have the opportunity to express their opinion in the store.

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Therefore, we want to look at Head Ball 2 times a little closer and tell you whether the download is worthwhile. At the end, you’ll find the links to the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store, where you can play Head Ball 2 yourself.

Head Ball 2: Tense Football Game

The basic concept of Head Ball 2 is simple and ingenious and compared to its predecessor Online Head Ball graphically even better implemented and equipped with many new ideas. The goal of the game is to get the ball into the opponent’s goal. You can move left, right, jump, shallow and shoot high. Our character is a head with a shoe on it.

Incidentally, you can – but of course the opponent – use special abilities. Thus, the opponent’s goal can be increased for a few seconds, which makes the meeting enormously easier, but you can also reduce your own goal to make it harder for the opponent. All of these special abilities can also be improved, making them longer available, among other things.

A game lasts 90 seconds, with the time being stopped when a goal passes. There is also a power-up, which can extend the game time. The more games you make and the more wins, the better you will be in the league and then rise.

In addition, you get experience points, which increases the level and with more fans, the stadium is improved. To get new players in Head Ball 2, you have to open card packages. Every player you own has energy points that need to recharge. But you can choose another player, who then also has his own energy points.

Pay-2-Win – Bots – The downsides of the games app

But not everything was successful at Head Ball 2. Often it happens that you do not compete against real players, but primarily against bots, ie computer opponents. They can fight off very well, have a lot of power-ups and are hard to defeat. Okay, from time to time there are also real players who probably play very well, but most of the time they are bots.

In the beginning, winning is enough to win. Later at Head Ball 2, it depends on who invested the most money. Whoever does this gets better players, significantly more power-ups that he can use, and thus gains an unfair advantage in the game.

It sometimes happens that the game is canceled. But that probably depends on the adversary who ends the app or has problems with the internet. To win games in Head Ball 2 is still mostly the interplay of luck, ability and the power-ups and therefore who spends the most money, has advantages. That one always wins, but is not given. The faster you can go and benefits can buy, but already.

Head Ball 2 Video Trailer

So you can get a better picture of Head Ball 2, here is the official trailer video for the game Head Ball 2.

why you need to download head ball 2 app

Even though most ratings for Head Ball 2 are negative, the game is fun for a short time. Even though there are sometimes bots and the use of power-ups that gives the money spent, you can also have fun. The advertising can be annoying, but only comes from time to time and can usually be skipped.

In the long run, though, Head Ball 2 is not that fun due to the pay-2-win, you can hardly afford to spend without spending money and the game progress is slow. Nevertheless, Head Ball 2 is convincing, even though I have personally uninstalled the app again, as it is often unfair to compete against players who have well-developed power-ups and thus have a huge advantage in the game.

Head Ball 2 for Android in the Google Play Store

You can download Head Ball 2 for free from the Google Play Store. For this you need a smartphone or tablet with Android 4 or higher. To the Google Play Store:

App for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch in the iTunes App Store

In the iTunes App Store, Head Ball 2 is available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. iOS 8 or newer is required. To the iTunes App Store:

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