All you need to know about head ball 2

All you need to know about head ball 2

The free game Head Ball 2 has just received an update! In the game from Masomo Gaming, the only thing that needs to be done round the clock – and to make it even smoother, the mobile game has just been updated. The beautiful Arcade Sport app is a must for all gamers who love to compete against their (real) friends. You should also like football, because that’s what the mobile game is all about. The app is free to have in the respective stores.

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And that awaits you in Head Ball 2: The sports game is a football game (oh, what!) That lets you play against other players. Playing cards you need to collect will help you improve your players. For example, the bounce, the pace or the shooting power.

Play Head Ball 2 for free

It’s completely up to you how to customize and enhance your character with accessories to create your dream soccer players. Unlock new characters and accessories and continually improve your skills.

You have five buttons. Two are the directions you can use to move from left to right. Likewise, you can jump, shoot high and low. You’ll also find the matching button in the top corner of the screen to activate your special ability.

There is one small thing that should not go unmentioned, because sometimes one waits for a long time for an opponent. This is not because the game is bad, but probably too new, so not enough gamer are active. Who wants to know: I tested the game in the iOS version with an iPhone X.

The currencies in the game are diamonds and gold – you can win both while playing. So you do not have to spend real money, for example, to buy more diamonds for 2.29 euros.

This is new since the last update: The Cup 2019 theme has been added; as well as the Event Special Cup 2019 and new special items that can be purchased.

Head Ball 2 Features

  • Simple control
  • Nice graphic
  • 18 upgradeable super powers that support your strategy on the field
  • Football matches in real time against players from all over the world
  • Card packs for collectable items and characters
  • Many new stadiums
  • Numerous character and accessory combinations to customize the character
  • Facebook Connect


Head Ball 2 is a nice fun, which will certainly generate many more players in the near future. And then if one or the other bug is fixed, Head Ball 2 is a worthy successor to the first version.

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